Maggie Beer

5 Ways With Verjuice

February 28, 2018

If there’s one question that I’m asked time and again it’s “what is Verjuice?” And while we have the chance to discuss this with everyone who visits the Farm Shop here in the Barossa, what we always come back to in explaining what Verjuice is, is actually how we use it on a day to day basis. Things like, using it in salad dressings, as part of a marinade, or simply poured over ice as a beautifully refreshing drink, just as I first did all those years ago can be some great ways to make sure your Verjuice doesn’t collect dust, but there are so many more!

Use Verjuice to create a beautiful syrup when roasting.

Recipe > Verjuice Roasted Pears

If you’re looking for a food friendly cocktail ingredient, try using Verjuice as the base of your drink.

Recipe > Verjuice, Lime and Bitters Mocktail

Make your own mayonnaise using Verjuice instead of lemon juice. It’s so much softer in flavour, but still gives the lift we all crave from adding a gentle acidity to food.

Recipe > Chook and Avocado Sandwich with Verjuice Mayonnaise

Create a jelly using Verjuice as the base. You can set anything you like into this, sweet or savory; I especially love topping freshly shucked oysters with Verjuice jelly, it’s such a beautiful combination of flavours.

Recipe > Oysters with Cucumber and Verjuice Jelly

Verjuice adds an extra flavour dimension when reconstituting dried fruit. You can then use the fruit in baking, or eat just as is, topped with yoghurt or ice cream for the simplest dessert.

Recipe > Dried Apricot Tart with Verjuice and Honey


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