Maggie Beer

5 Ways With Vino Cotto

January 22, 2018

Although Vino Cotto is regularly compared to balsamic vinegar, and indeed can be used in a similar way, I think it can so easily be underutilised if its application is restricted to being a vinegar. It is so much more than that! It has its own depth of flavour from the honey like grape must and aged red wine vinegar, making it just as delicious in a sweet dish as it is added to savoury recipes.

One of the best ways I could ever think to suggest adding the brilliance of Vino Cotto to your repertoire is when you find yourself with a punnet of strawberries that lack any depth of flavour, as is so often the case with the brightly coloured fruit we can all be seduced into buying purely based on visual appeal. It’s always the most disappointing thing when the flavour doesn’t stack up, but the addition of Vino Cotto changes with a wonderful alchemy that brings out every sweetness in strawberries.

Recipe > Strawberries Macerated in Vino Cotto

Vino Cotto makes a wonderful addition to almost any marinade you can think of, but I particularly love adding it to joints of meat before roasting.

Recipe > Slow Roasted Scotch Fillet with Vino Cotto & Rosemary

There is a natural affinity between any kind of onion and Vino Cotto; slow roasted together makes what may have been a side dish far more of a star on your table.

Recipe > Roasted Honey and Vino Cotto Shallots with Currants and Rosemary

In lieu of vanilla essence, Vino Cotto adds a distinctive flavour to cookies and biscuits, and in turn creates a very grown up end to a meal when served with coffee.

Recipe > Vino Cotto, Raisin, Ginger and Lemon Shortbread

If Roast Lamb is a favourite in your family, you will love having Vino Cotto at hand to give you a whole new take on whatever your traditional way of preparing it may be. And in the easiest way possible.

Recipe > Vino Cotto Lamb Rack with Waxy Potato, Pancetta, Beetroot and Orange Salad


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