Maggie Beer

A surfeit of tomatoes

February 07 2015

I brought down to the beach a huge basket of tomatoes from our home garden of all shapes sizes and colours. Read the rest...

Win with Maggie's Verjuice Cocktail Competition

February 03 2015

To know Maggie is to to know her love of Verjuice, but what we’d love to know more about is how you would use Verjuice in a special celebratory drink; the cocktail. Or mocktail! Read the rest...

Australia Day in Coober Pedy

January 31 2015

I’ve always been a proud Australian but when I was made Senior Australian of the Year in 2010 I began to look far more seriously at Australia Day after attending the naturalisation ceremony in Canberra the day after the awards. It was such an emotional experience to watch so many people of so many nations climb the steps to receive their certificates with such excitement and pride in becoming citizens on that day surrounded by family and friends and so each year since I’ve been involved in celebrating Australia Day in some way. Read the rest...

Maggie's Instagram Verjuice Cocktail Competition!

January 29 2015

Create, Capture & Share! Read the rest...

Benchmark Ice Cream

January 24 2015

It might be said that a vanilla bean ice cream is the benchmark of all ice cream, the basis on which all other ice creams are created from. If so, it also needs be said that Maggie’s version of this ultimate classic sets an obsessively high standard for her entire ice cream range. Rich with fresh cream, this is vanilla ice cream taken to a new level, letting the unmistakable fragrance and flavour of vanilla shine, unadulterated. All you need is a spoon to indulge in this luscious ice cream, but if you’d like to enjoy the comfort of a truly classic combination, why not create a simple apple tart with slices of apple atop puff pastry, served with a scoop or two? Read the rest...


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