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Maggie Beer

Maggie’s favourites

Dancing Through Sunday

September 04 2016

Colombian dancers at Greenock yesterday as part of the Barossa Gourmet Weekend - such beautiful dresses, just look at those colours! - MB. Read the rest...

A Visit From Miguel

September 02 2016

Plenty of laughs in the kitchen this week during a visit from Miguel and The Living Room crew - such infectious enthusiasm he has! -MB. Read the rest...

Immerse Yourself

August 22 2016

Visitors of the Orchard House can immerse themselves in the food culture of the Barossa in so many different ways, from wine and individual cellar door experiences, to our local Farmer’s Market, cooking classes, food and wine tours, or simply dining in one of the many local restaurants where an array of locally influence is easily recognisable in the dishes -MB. Read the rest...

Rhythm of the Seasons

August 20 2016

Writing cookbooks is an amazing way for me to share so much more beyond recipes, it’s as much about my life in the Barossa and the philosophies that have been nurtured by where we live -MB. Read the rest...

A Recent Addition

August 14 2016

I recently planted a Finger Lime in the garden at home, ready to accompany sashimi or add to a salad of earthy beetroot or roasted pumpkin. What an extraordinary fruit it is, both in it’s freshness of flavour, and its unmistakable beauty on the plate -MB. Read the rest...