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Simple Pleasures

January 03 2017

Summer is summed up for me in the simplest way; truly vine ripened tomato, just-picked and still fragrant with the warmth of the sun, with basil from the garden too, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, vino cotto, salt and pepper. I can add anything to this, or simply eat is as a meal on its own - the flavours are so simple but when the produce is at its peak, nothing else is needed. -MB Read the rest...

A Very Merry Christmas

December 25 2016

From my earliest memories, Christmas has always been a real time of celebration for my family. When I was really little it was all about the presents, even so, going back as far as when I was five or six years old, the really special memories are of food. The first Christmas feast I clearly recall centred on the icebox on our back verandah working overtime in its attempt to keep the drinks cold, let alone the food. From then on Christmas meant a groaning table topped with the ham and goose, plus chooks from our backyard. Gathered around the table would be our family, as well as friends without families of their own, who were warmly welcomed. And that tradition has continued for me, with our daughters and grandchildren; it always comes back to a shared table of good food. I truly hope your Festive Season brings every reason to celebrate, and that you can do so surrounded by loved ones over a special meal. Merry Christmas to you and yours! -MB Read the rest...

The Eve Of Christmas

December 24 2016

All the makings of a beautiful meal! I love to gather my favourite plates, glasses and linen ahead of tomorrow's cooking so there's one less thing to worry about when lunch is ready. And in my mind, a table setting is never complete without fresh flowers! -MB. Read the rest...

Maggie's Christmas

December 06 2016

Maggie’s Christmas is all about the chance for me to share my all-time favourite recipes and menus for entertaining family and friends during the festive season here in the Barossa. From a sumptuous Christmas Day feast and casual beachside picnic to plates to share over Christmas carols with my singing group and a special New Year's Eve menu, I’m hoping it will add that extra sparkle to everyone’s festive season. Read the rest...

Christmas Party

November 28 2016

Last Friday we hosted our staff Christmas party on the Function Centre deck overlooking the dam to celebrate the year that's been, and the exciting times ahead. As always, my daughter Elli and her team did a wonderful job with the menu, and coupled with some fabulous wines and great music, it was a really really fantastic evening! -MB Read the rest...