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Maggie Beer

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Australian World Orchestra

September 30 2016

I had the most amazing night last night in Sydney, so much so that I am still on a high. We began the evening perched in my favourite spot at Opera Bar looking out over the lights of Sydney and ate the most exquisite food; every single bite was a perfection of flavour, texture and delight. And then to Australian World Orchestra... where do I start? The concert was an absolute thrill; the energy of these Australian musicians who play around the world, together for this very short series of two concerts to celebrate their 5 year anniversary was just exhilarating; the sheer exuberance of their playing, the audience response and then at the end all of the musicians hugging each other because they’re so excited to be playing together. It’s a night I wouldn’t miss for anything and the sum of the night was certainly greater than its parts -MB. Read the rest...

September Education Program

September 29 2016

I've just arrived back to the Barossa after a stimulating, wonderful and exhausting few days at the Maggie Beer Foundation Masterclass with 30 cooks and chefs working in aged care across Australia. It was such a brilliant group of people that gave me back as much as I gave them. Read the rest...

A Ripple Effect

September 20 2016

For any of us that have busy lives, not every home cooked meal is going to be a pleasurable way to spend time, but the ripple effect of eating well, and the wellbeing that comes with that, can’t help but be appreciated over the feeling of grabbing something quick to eat in the car between appointments. I know each time I make the mistake of rushing any meal, I remind myself of just how wonderful it is to make the time to cook -MB. Read the rest...

Spring time!

September 10 2016

Spring is all about new life. And Springtime in the garden is the most exciting time of all. The first signal that Spring is coming to the farm is the almond tree slowly blossoming, while it is still cold. Read the rest...

ASTRA Women in TV Breakfast

September 06 2016

Such a thrill for me to be on stage with Margaret and Marta this morning at the ASTRA Women in TV Breakfast, both of who I admire greatly. I felt so comfortable chatting on stage even though there were 600 plus people watching on! -MB. Read the rest...