Maggie Beer

How-To: The Perfect Roast Chook

May 16 2017

My signature dish has been encouraged by our family’s requests more so than anything I’ve specifically set out to master; roast chook.  In my mind, it is one of the easiest options for any busy cook too. Read the rest...

How-To: White Bean, Zucchini, Feta and Dill Fritters

April 10 2017

Getting my grandchildren to eat greens hasn't been the easiest thing, but these zucchini fritters are always a hit - and it's always touch and go as to who eats the most - the adults or the kids! This simple step-by-step recipe is a fail safe to delicious fritters: Read the rest...

How-To: Mozzarella and Pea Arancini

March 24 2017

Maggie's long been a fan of risotto - it makes the perfect canvas for Verjuice, after all - so her latest recipe for these delicious little arancini should come as no surprise. Delicately flavoured rice, fresh garden peas and melting mozzarella, all tucked into the most perfect, golden shell. What's not to love? Read the rest...


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