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On A Roll

February 28 2016

Always make pastry in the coolest part of the day. The amount of sour cream in my sour cream pastry will always depend on the flour used and weather conditions. I find it is difficult to make my sour cream pastry in a small quantity, so I recommend making the full amount when you wish to use it, then dividing the pastry in two and wrapping both pieces in plastic film. Chill one half in the fridge to then use in your recipe, and freeze the second piece to use another time, it freezes very well. Read the rest...

Maggie's Top 20 Verjuice Tips

May 27 2015

There could never be just one reason why Maggie loves Verjuice so much; instead here’s the first 20 tips that sprang to mind when we asked why this is her favourite ingredient... Read the rest...

Organisation and Preparation for Christmas!

December 14 2014

Christmas is such a special time but it can easily slip into stressful territory if you’re not ready for it when it arrives, and we all know it seems to come by faster and faster each year! The biggest thing for me is organisation and preparation so it’s all a breeze. A stressed host is never fun. Read the rest...

How to spend Christmas Day

December 11 2014

There are so many choices for how to spend Christmas Day, but for me the best option is one based on simplicity and style with the people I care about. If there was ever a time to reemphasise the impact a simple approach has on a relaxed shared meal, it’s at Christmas time. Read the rest...

My Kitchen Tips and Techniques

January 04 2012

Once you have your kitchen equipment and larder ingredients to hand and know which fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts are best to buy each season, there are a few general cooking tips I’d love to share with you. Read the rest...


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