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Maggie Beer

September 29, 2017

I have many friends who are gluten free, either by choice or necessity, and so I have had the chance to practice quite a few recipes to find out what easily translates to be gluten free, and what becomes too tricky to tackle. As far as adapting gluten based cake and pastry recipes goes, I have had great success by swapping gram for gram with my own flour mix. Ready-made gluten-free flour is available from larger supermarkets and health food stores but I like to mix my own. I use equal quantities of potato flour, rice flour and maize flour. But when it comes to breads, I’ve decided that the best option is to go with unleavened styles like flatbread or chapati. These work beautifully without the reliance on gluten activation that a yeasted bread requires. Here are some of my favourite gluten free recipes of the sweet variety! -MB

Gluten Free Chocolate, Hazelnut & Vino Cotto Tart

Gluten Free Orange Cake with Verjuice Icing

Meringues with Passionfruit Curd


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