Maggie Beer

It’s voting time…

August 20, 2013

We may just have the very best reason for you to start writing letters again. Guess who’s been offered the chance to make an appearance on the official Australia Day stamp next year?

We’re jumping out of our skins at the idea (and Maggie’s pretty excited too)! The theme for next year’s award celebrates five decades of cooking legends, from the 1960’s to now and Maggie has been nominated as an icon of the 1970’s era, which is of course when the Pheasant Farm Restaurant was opened.

Australia Post initiated the Australia Post Australian Legends Award in 1997 to honour living Australians who have made a unique contribution to our way of life, inspired the community and influenced the way Australians think about themselves and their country - and we think that has Maggie’s name all over it. Or her face, more to the point! But there’s still a few loose ends that need to be tied up and that’s where we’re hoping you’ll come in. To ensure Maggie is one of the five top cooking legends who will feature on the Australia Day stamp next January, she needs some votes, and that happens here...


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