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Maggie Beer

Maggie's Festive Menu

December 04, 2018

Whilst I approach the Christmas season with much excitement, there is still a tinge of panic about how much needs to be done. Despite the huge amount of organisation involved, the one aspect of the season that is never anything other than a true joy for me, is thinking about the food for Christmas and the holidays that follow. I have the advantage of tradition behind me, so some things just fall into place, yet there is always leeway to try something new, as there are many more events to think of than just Christmas Day.

An old favourite or trying something new these recipes are sure to inspire your Christmas and Summer entertaining menu:

Blue Swimmer Crab Cakes with Verjuice Mayonnaise

Chickpea, Beetroot & Roasted Pumpkin Salad

Caramalised Parsnips with Labneh

The Perfect Ham

Chocolate Mint Dessert Pots with Cherries

Pavlova with Dried Apricots in Verjuice Syrup

Sparkling Ruby Cabernet Gin Fizz


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