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Maggie Beer

Summer Is Upon Us!

December 01, 2016

Fresh cherries are in season for such a short time that I relish eating them with no adornment. The sweet, dark, very juicy varieties are my favourites for eating in this way, and they seem to get better and better each year. If you live in a cool climate I couldn’t encourage you more to find space for a cherry tree in your garden. I mention the requirement for a cooler climate because the sweeter varieties of cherry trees are notoriously picky about their environment. My love of sour cherries solved that problem, which is why, if like me you don’t live in a cool climate, I’d suggest buying a morello tree because they are far more forgiving to grow and begin fruiting almost immediately. Might I add while I'm on the topic of cherries, if you're looking for a new dessert to add to the menu on Christmas Day, this Sparkling Ruby Cabernet Jelly with Cherries is always a hit with my family! -MB