Maggie Beer

August 08, 2013

I wonder if the cold weather doesn’t make Sunday lunch just that little bit better? I like nothing more than to plan a lazy day of comfort food to share with family and friends. The kind of gathering where everyone can chip in and help if the moods so strikes, or just take part in pre lunch conversation with a glass in hand, around the fire.

I’m hoping you'll find plenty of choice in our recipe section to keep the cold at bay with each mouthful. But if further inspiration is needed, here's what we have just enjoyed around our table this Sunday. Starting with baby red onions stuffed with goat's cheese, a delicious accompaniment to pate if you’d like to add that in as more of a pre lunch nibble while the rabbit with prunes is cooking. Then followed much later in the afternoon with a freshly baked apricot bread and butter pudding. Hearty comfort food to help the afternoon easily slip into early evening, in time for one last coffee.


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