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Yerrabingin - Australia’s First Indigenous Rooftop Farm

November 01, 2019

Still lots of travelling and so many exciting things; none more than the visit to Yerrabingin (We Walk Together) Australia’s first Indigenous rooftop farm. Even though I was looking a little like the wreck of the Hesperus the morning I visited Clarence (Slockee) and Christian (Hampson) as suffering from a migraine that day, nothing could have taken the joy of the visit away.

What Clarence and Christian and team have done in 8 months from planting is nothing short of miraculous. The knowledge, the commitment and energy given to this project that seems to me to be a perfect template to stretch for further afield. Walking around and picking the herbs and the greens and hearing of their uses to the indigenous community I was in awe of the possibilities.

I had been well warned as to how special it was by two great friends Kylie Kwong and Jock Zonfrillo so it should have been no surprise but being there was even more than I expected.

The most exciting thing is that Clarence and Christian are happy for me to cook with them on the rooftop, using the ingredients from the garden as part of the upcoming filming for the Maggie Beer Foundation Online Education program.

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