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Yerrabingin - Australia’s First Indigenous Rooftop Farm

November 01 2019 Food wise

Still lots of travelling and so many exciting things; none more than the visit to Yerrabingin (We Walk Together) Australia’s first Indigenous rooftop farm. Even though I was looking a little like the wreck of the Hesperus the morning I visited Clarence (Slockee) and Christian (Hampson) as suffering from a migraine that day, nothing could have taken the joy of the visit away. Read the rest...

Maggie in New Zealand!

November 01 2019 Food wise

A quick trip to New Zealand to do some special occasions for Miele. Miele have always supported the Foundation and I love working with them! Read the rest...

Maggie's Favourite Spring Ingredients

November 01 2019 Food wise

As much as I love asparagus and can’t wait for those heads to pop out of the ground almost teasingly as they seem to come up in relays; never enough for a full serve each night so much so, that we often eat them raw as we break them off in our impatience! So sweet without any cooking at all but I can’t wait till the whole bed comes into full production all at the same time. Read the rest...

Musical Adventures - Madama Butterfly in Port Pirie and Barossa Baroque & Beyond Music Festival

October 03 2019 News

This September, Maggie travels to Port Pirie to watch dear friend Eva Kong perform in Madama Butterfly and gives an exclusive on the close family connection the Beer family will have to this year's Barossa Baroque & Beyond Music Festival! Read the rest...

Maggie Beer Foundation Masterclasses

October 03 2019 News

Two weeks ago our Foundation team ran another Masterclass in Sydney, for 43 cooks and chefs in aged care. Read the rest...

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