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Coriander Mayonnaise

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Step 1: Combine the egg yolks and two tablespoons of Verjuice and combine to emulsify in food processor. Add the coriander, mustard and preserved lemon and blend again. Slowly add the olive oil and take to the desired thickness.

Step 2: Season with sea salt and cracked pepper. Check for acidity adding a squeeze of lemon juice if needed.

Serving Suggestion: Coriander mayonnaise is a perfect accompaniment for grilled salmon cutlets.


  1. 2 large egg yolks
  2. 40ml 2 tbspn Verjuice
  3. 1 bunch coriander
  4. 5ml 1 tspn dijon mustard
  5. 5g 1 quarter Preserved Lemons
  6. 20ml 1 tbspn boiling water -optional, only if the mayo is too thick

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