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Dried Apricot in Verjuice Syrup and Rosemary Fudge

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Step 1: Line a square cake tin 20x20 cm with high sides with baking paper. Lightly spray the paper with olive oil spray to grease and coat the paper sparingly.

Step 2: Put the sugar, syrup, butter and cream into a deep saucepan. Heat this gently, stirring often, until the sugar is dissolved and everything is melted and smooth. Stop stirring, put a sugar thermometer into the pan and increase the heat. Let the mixture boil steadily until it registers 116c on the thermometer. Remove from heat and add the chopped rosemary. Allow to stand for 10 minutes.

Step 3: You now need to beat the fudge mixture vigorously with a hand held electric mixer until it thickens and becomes less glossy and more grainy. It should be thick enough that if you scrape a spoon through it, you can see the bottom of the pan for several seconds. This will take approx 5 minutes.

Step 4: Pat dry with paper towel the chopped apricots well so you do not add any extra moisture to the fudge. Fold the chopped apricots through the fudge mixture.

Step 5: Pour the fudge into the prepared pan and smooth over the surface. Refrigerate and leave to set overnight in the refrigerator and cut into small squares to serve, garnish with additional rosemary.

Step 6: Gluten Free


  1. You'll need to make: 60ml Dried Apricots In Verjuice Syrup
  2. 1 tsp rosemary finely chopped and additional rosemary to garnish

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