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Fennel with Goat’s Curd and Verjuice

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Step 1: Cut the plump fennel bulbs into halves, then quarters.

Step 2: Place a large heavy-based pan over a high heat. Once hot, add the butter and cook until nut brown. Add one tablespoon of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil to prevent the butter from burning, then place the cut fennel bulb in the pan and seal gently on both sides until coloured a little.

Step 3: Add Meyer lemon pieces, bay leaves, sea salt and ground pepper to the fennel.

Step 4: Pour in the remaining Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Verjuice and gently poach the fennel over a medium low heat. Place the lid on the pan and simmer until cooked through. This should take around 20 minutes.

Step 5: Remove the lid from the pan, then turn the heat up to reduce the pan juices to syrup. This will take around 5 minutes. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary, then add the fennel fronds.

Step 6: Remove the fennel and lemon pieces from the pan and serve as a warm salad with dollops of goats curd, freshly chopped parsley, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.


  1. 40g 2 tbspn unsalted butter
  2. 140g 1 medium-sized meyer lemon cut into 6 wedges
  3. 5ml 1 tspn salt flakes
  4. 125ml 1/2 cup Verjuice
  5. 1/4 cup fennel fronds
  6. 100g 1/2 cup goats curd
  7. 60g 1/2 cup flat leaf parsley roughly chopped

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