Maggie Beer

Mushroom Bruschetta

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Step 1: Place a non-stick large frying pan over a high heat, add 1 1/2 tablespoons of Olive Oil. Once this is very hot, add half the amount of the mushrooms and fry to achieve a lovely golden colour on all sides, then remove the mushrooms from the pan onto kitchen towel and repeat this process with the remaining amount of mushrooms.

Step 2: Once both batches of mushrooms have been cooked and drained onto kitchen towel, place them back into the frying pan, over a high heat and deglaze with Verjuice. Continue cooking to reduce the Verjuice down to a glaze, then remove from heat and set aside. Keep warm.

Step 3: Place a griddle pan over a high heat and once this is hot, toast each side of the ciabatta for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 4: To serve, place the toasted ciabatta onto a platter, divide the mushrooms and mushroom pate into four equal amounts and place on top of the ciabatta. Top with rocket, drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and season with freshly cracked black pepper.


  1. 40ml 2 tbspn Verjuice
  2. 1 tspn salt flakes
  3. 4 slices ciabatta
  4. 1/3 cup flat leaf parsley roughly chopped
  5. 125g 1/2 bunch rocket to serve
  6. 40ml Approx Extra Virgin Olive Oil to serve
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