Maggie Beer

2018 delicious. Produce Awards

August 24, 2018

On Sunday 12 August the delicious. Produce Awards were held at the QT in Sydney.

I had the honour of awarding the "Maggie Beer Award for Outstanding Contribution to Australian Food" to Alla Wolf-Tasker.

Alla is best known as the Executive Chef and co-owner of the Lake House in Daylesford; she is a pioneer, formidable some might say. Persistent and a visonary she influenced a whole town and put the spotlight on an incredibly important region.

This is much more important because Alla had a dream and a vision and commitment to bring together Farmers and Producers so vital to building a culture; building excellence not without incredibly hard work over 40 years. She is knowledgeable, argumentative and wonderfully passionate and so wonderful that I could present her with this award.

To read more about the awards Click here.


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