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Christmas Decorating Tips

November 11 2019

My idea of decoration for any special occasion is to bring the season to the table, finding beautiful foliage from my garden or foraged from roadsides! Read the rest...

How to Select the Best Quality Fruit and Veggies

April 11 2018

Most fruit tastes best when eaten straight after being picked ripe from the tree. With a few exceptions, such as pears, which need to ripen once picked, fruit doesn’t ripen further after picking. Logistically this makes delivering fruit in its prime a very difficult task for the industry, especially given the distance most fruit and vegetables need to travel to get to the marketplace. Refrigerating fruit is not the best solution as it dulls flavour, removing the natural scent and thus a key indicator of ripeness. So how do we choose the best quality fruit and veg? Read the rest...

How to Store Your Summer Fruit and Veggies

January 04 2018

Room temperature or refrigerated? Read the rest...

The Perfect Ham

December 20 2017

I have never lost my delight in Christmas! Since I was a child it has always been about a feast and having family around, and that's what has continued in my family. Read the rest...

Is there anything Verjuice isn’t good for?!

August 31 2017

Because Verjuice can be used in lieu of any kind of acidulate; vinegar or lemon juice for example, it can easily become a welcome addition to your egg poaching technique. Just add a tablespoon of Verjuice to the poaching water and you will see its effect on keeping the whites of the eggs beautifully compact when they slide into the water. Of course the most important thing when poaching eggs is their freshness. Nothing can compare to just-laid eggs for poaching success, so if you don’t have chooks in your own backyard, it might be worth befriending someone who does! My method for poaching is as follows: Read the rest...


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