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Winter Warmers

June 19 2017

My appetite is always the first thing to let me know that Winter is here! I find myself spending more and more time in the kitchen, both because of the shortened days preventing most outdoor activities, but also to enjoy the ‘slow food’ nature of Winter’s produce. Stewing, braising, roasting and poaching are such satisfying ways to cook food that warms from the inside out. Take the fast way around to slow food with the latest recipe to join my online recipe collection: Read the rest...

Technical Bake: Soufflé

December 07 2016

Can you rise to the challenge? Whether sweet or savoury, souffles are always more than worth the effort that goes into making them, and Maggie's Porcini, Lemon Thyme & Three Cheese Souffle from last night's Bake Off semi-final is no exception. Last night's episode saw Liesel eliminated, leaving Antonio, Monica and Olivia to bake-off in next Tuesday's finale. Read the rest...

Maggie's Neenish Tarts

November 16 2016

For those of you asking for my neenish tart recipe featured in last night's episode of The Great Australian Bake Off, you'll find it here. This recipe brings back some great memories from my childhood. When I was young, Mum and I had a special tradition of buying a neenish tart each from a bakery on the rare occasion we went shopping in the city. As small and sweet as neenish tarts are, I have never found one that compares to those from our expedition - until I decided to make them myself. I've always been scathing about 'mock' cream, although I'm not now that I make it like this. I admit these are fiddly to make, so I must confess that I only make then when there will be enough people to eat them all, otherwise I'd finish them off and make myself sick! -MB Read the rest...

Technical Bake

October 26 2016

My technical bake from last night's episode of The Great Australian Bake Off - golden brown pastry filled with indulgent pistachio frangipane filling, topped with roasted rhubarb and fresh raspberries - more than worth the effort! -MB Read the rest...


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