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Get to know Maggie

Get To Know Maggie

June 29 2017

I think it’s only fair to say, that a marriage as long as the one I have had with Colin, depends upon a good sense of humour, and no one can make me laugh like he can. It’s not always the kind of belly laugh that a single incident might offer, but more that he knows exactly what my sense of humour is, and taps into that with a wit and confidence that speaks of our long history together, so that not a day goes by when I don’t get a giggle out of something he’s said. -MB Read the rest...

Get To Know Maggie

June 07 2017

Oh, there have been many! But on our most recent trip to Italy, we had been recommended to a restaurant on the coast near Brindisi called Miramare di Michele; unpretentious and full of families and general hubbub and very relaxed service. With a platter of Crudo Mare - the seafood so fresh and just opened to order; all raw on a tray of ice; prawns; mussels; squid; clams; oysters and scallops accompanied by a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a lemon - and it was perfection. Followed by caserecce with vongole and mussels and tiny tomatoes and trofie with gamberetti, the very red small prawns on a tomato base; food of such flavour and freshness. I will never forget it. -MB Read the rest...

Get To Know Maggie

April 20 2017

Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking. I come back to it time and time again, it really brought to life the possibilities of ‘country’ cooking that led me to many other writings of French country cooking. The opening of imagination that they led to had much to do with my cooking, the making the most of every part of an animal or plant. -MB Read the rest...

Get To Know Maggie

March 27 2017

The air. The absolute clarity of fresh country air is something I try not to go too long without. And the connection to a community! Returning is always special no matter how exciting a trip is, and even though I love coming home with newfound knowledge and fresh ideas, nothing compares to being back home with my family. -MB Read the rest...