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What a night it was! Opera with Eva Kong in 'Rigoletto' as Gilda

August 11 2014

What a night it was. Read the rest...

Good Friends

June 26 2012

I need to honour two very dear souls who passed away last week, friends who have left a measurable void for all those who loved them; Alan Saunders and Chris Jackman. Alan was known and loved by many as the voice of Radio National. We meet at the first Symposium of Gastronomy and I was immediately struck by his incredible intelligence and unerring kindness of spirit. And his voice. What a truly beautiful voice. Chris can be most succinctly described from my point of view, as generous to a fault. A chef and baker extraordinaire, he was such a talented soul and a beautiful dancer. I will miss both of them enormously, as will all who had the good fortune of meeting them. Read the rest...

My Freshly Baked Website

March 25 2012

It goes without saying that there is always something exciting on the boil at Maggie Beer Products, but I am particularly thrilled to be able to bring our ‘freshly baked’ website to the table, following many months of hard work. Read the rest...


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