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Follow along with Maggie on Youtube: Recipes and cooking tips from her home kitchen, gardening with the seasons, and following life in the Barossa.

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Tomato & Bread Salad | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

April 06 2020

This is one of our favourite dishes to eat on the weekend in tomato season- Tomato and Bread Salad. I do hope you enjoy it! - MB Read the rest...

Caramelised Onions | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

April 05 2020

Today we are cooking Caramelised Onions with a splash of vino cotto, topped with Persian feta and parsley. This is a great side dish to a lamb chop or tossed with some chickpeas for a nourishing salad. Read the rest...

Eggplants & Eggs | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

April 03 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to my kitchen in the beautiful Barossa! I do hope you enjoy my cooking ideas that I share and are inspired to reconnect with your kitchen. Each meal will be full of flavour and goodness; using ingredients from my pantry and garden. Today… Eggplants and Eggs! Read the rest...

Pumpkin Risotto | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

March 30 2020

Making the perfect risotto can be tricky, but there's a few simple things you can do to increase your chances of success! - MB. Read the rest...

Bryan Brown and Maggie's Guide to Entertaining with Gourmet Traveller

August 09 2019

What happens when you place Australia's favourite cook in the kitchen with one of our greatest actors? At her Barossa Valley farm, Maggie Beer puts Palm Beach star Bryan Brown to work preparing a feast of roast chook, "burnished" asparagus and squid-ink risotto while the pair share their tips for entertaining guests at home, and bond over their memories of growing up in western Sydney. Read the rest...


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