Maggie Beer

Maggie's Top 20 Verjuice Tips

May 24, 2022

There could never be just one reason why Maggie loves Verjuice so much; instead here are the first 20 tips that sprang to mind when we asked why this is her favourite ingredient...

1. Use Verjuice as a non-alcoholic substitute for wine in risotto

2. Use Verjuice instead of lemon juice in a classic vinaigrette

3. For a drink to sip on, try Verjuice poured over ice, just as Maggie has always done

4. Verjuice will brighten the colour of basil when you’re making salsa agresto

5. Verjuice is a wonderful base for martini

6. Basting a roasting chook with Verjuice is one of Maggie’s best ‘not-so-secret’ tips

7. Verjuice can easily be used in both sweet and savoury recipes

8. Verjuice will prevent sliced fruit from discolouring before being baked in a tart or set in jelly

9. Try making your next homemade mayonnaise with Verjuice instead of lemon juice

10. Verjuice can be reduced for a sauce in the same way that wine can be

11. Pour Verjuice over freshly sliced fennel, artichoke or eggplant to keep it from discolouring

12. Mushrooms and Verjuice are the very best of friends

13. Verjuice can be used to rehydrate dried fruit with extra flavour

14. Verjuice can be used as a poaching liquid in lieu of wine

15. A Verjuice reduction emulsifies with butter far more readily than the usual vinegar reduction when making a beurre blanc

16. Next time you are by the beach and have caught your own fish, consider making sashimi with Verjuice.

17. Verjuice makes wonderful jelly

18. Rabbit and Verjuice have a fantastic affinity

19. Verjuice can be caramelised as a syrup for cakes

20. Verjuice is delicious with oysters in place of a more traditional vinegar based sauce


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