Maggie Beer

New Ice Cream On The Block

August 23, 2017

Just when we thought things couldn’t get better in Maggie’s world of ice cream, along comes another contender for our new favourite thing – Chocolate, Coffee & Biscuit Ice Cream. A decadent chocolate ice cream meets the crunch of sweet chocolate biscuits and a Vino Cotto coffee swirl; a combination like no other. As Maggie explains,

I have always loved the ritual of a little something sweet with coffee; a biscuit or a sneak of chocolate, which is exactly what comes together in this delicious ice cream. What an indulgent way to enjoy coffee at the end of a meal!

For something especially indulgent, try Maggie's Dark Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Ice cream available now at Woolworths, independent supermarkets and your local gourmet store.


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