Maggie Beer

June 07, 2018

We asked Maggie's work pal, comedian Mel Buttle, to let us in on what it's like to work alongside Maggie on The Great Australian Bake Off. After four seasons, surely there's a secret or two she can share...

You didn’t know Maggie before working together on The Great Australian Bake Off – is she what you expected?

Maggie is all that and a bag of chips, she is so lovely and warm, and so kind to the bakers on the show, offering tips off camera whenever she has time. I was a huge Maggie fan before the show and it took me a few weeks to get over my fan-girling of her. She’s so much fun to chat to! In the make up room every morning we have a real laugh, it’s the best way to start the day.

We love your Maggie Beer impersonations! Which of her many unique mannerisms do you think takes the cake, so to speak?

Oh we are cheeky! They’re done with great love and admiration.  I do think Maggie ‘conducting’ the air when she tastes something that’s perfect is my favourite. Maggie is a woman of such style and elegance and as a comedian that’s just too tempting.

Any embarrassing moments you can tell us about that didn’t make it to air?

So many! Maggie has a wicked sense of humour, when she gets the giggles it’s infectious. What happens on tour stays on tour so I won’t reveal too much other than to say that Maggie doesn’t mind a bit of blue humour every now and then.

What’s the funniest/most interesting thing you’ve learnt about Maggie?

Maggie doesn’t like pecans, that’s pretty juicy goss! She drinks her coffee immediately after it’s been made, so the crema doesn’t split (I think?). She also exercises in a hot pink tracksuit top that I think is very cool.

What have you learnt from Maggie, cooking related or not?

She can fix anything! I made a chicken and vegetable soup that had no body and was flavourless - Maggie suggested I fry up some more vegetables in butter and garlic, add them to the soup and stir through a tin of pureed chickpeas to add volume. It worked!

What would you make if Maggie was coming for dinner at your place?

The stress! I’d be beside myself! I think my best dish is my shepherd's pie; I make it using slowly braised lamb shanks with a mix of parsnip and potato mash on top. Then, I’d make a simple rocket and Parmesan salad to go on the side and hope for the best.


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