Maggie Beer

Apple Mint Jelly Tea!

December 01 2014

Why not try this refreshing recipe using my Apple & Mint Jelly Read the rest...

Heritage of Flavour

October 18 2014

Established over a century ago, Maggie’s Barossa orchard is made up of a collection of 2000 trees including heirloom apples and pears, all bursting with the kind of flavour many of us might remember from our childhood; real flavour - and in combination with hand-tended Adelaide Hills fruit of the very same character - that’s exactly what you’ll find filling each of her Apple and Pear Cider bottles. Read the rest...

Good Things Come In Small Packages

September 11 2014

We all know good things come in small packages - we just didn’t realise how good, until Maggie put her beautiful non-alcoholic Sparkling Ruby Cabernet into a piccolo bottle. With the very same bead of Champagne and mouth feel of a good wine that we have come to know and love in its bigger sibling, the piccolo is a delicious option for Summer barbecues, picnics, or tucked into an esky to enjoy at the beach - just add a straw! Read the rest...

That's A Wrap!

October 09 2013

We know how lovely it is to receive any of Maggie's beautiful products, but imagine the extra joy if gift wrapping became the proverbial icing on the cake? Read the rest...

My Cider Has Arrived!

August 28 2012

I have to tell you how thrilled I am with our new cider; it's quite unlike commercial ciders I've tasted but it's even more than I had hoped for. In having the apples hand picked whilst perfect (not a 'bad apple' in the whole bunch) and all of heritage varieties and then fermenting it traditionally by the 'charmat' method. Read the rest...


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