Maggie Beer

Warming Up with Chilled Sugo

April 23 2012

If you’ve found yourself time-poor and hungry for the fastest route to comfort food, then you’ve no doubt already discovered Maggie’s delicious sugo range. To help your tradition continue we need to point you in the direction of the supermarket fridge for your next sugo fix – Maggie’s sugos are now available chilled too. Read the rest...

Time for tea?

April 18 2012

We had a photo shoot last week, and as hectic as that can be, we managed to make time to squeeze in a taste test of our apricot jam and scones after this photo was taken. I'm so happy with this jam, it's the first run of the season from our new orchard and it really shows off the old-fashioned flavour of heirloom fruit. Autumn is a lovely time to steal a moment for afternoon tea and because this jam is part of our Farm Shop exclusive range of small run products, it might be best to plan an afternoon tea sooner rather than later! Read the rest...

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

March 12 2012

The latest addition to Maggie's now famous scoop-able range - this perfectly indulgent ice cream has the velvety decadence of chocolate further intensified by swirls of caramel, spiked with premium Australian salt flakes. We’re talking grown up ice cream for adult tastes. This is the real thing! Read the rest...

Maggie's Verjuice Cookbook

February 20 2012

Of all acidulants, Verjuice is the most gentle. It truly lifts the flavour of food without dominating, and Maggie knows no better way to enhance flavour, no better way to make food taste fresh and alive. This book is for those of you who have never heard of Verjuice, or have bought a bottle and found that it languished at the back of the cupboard for ages while you tried to find a use for it, it provides a simple explanation of what Verjuice is and how Maggie thinks it can improve your cooking. Read the rest...


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