Maggie Beer

The Great Australian Cookbook Premieres Tonight

November 07 2017

Tune into Foxtel’s Lifestyle FOOD Channel tonight at 8:15pm ACDT to watch Maggie on the first episode of The Great Australian Cookbook series. This 11-part series features an extraordinary line up of 22 of Australia’s greatest cooks, from top restaurateurs to local unsung heroes. Maggie shares one of her favourite recipes, Chocolate, Pear & Almond Tart and discusses where it all began at the Pheasant Farm and her new passion working on the Maggie Beer Foundation. Maggie shares this first episode with Matt Stone, one of Australia's brightest young chefs, who will cook prawns and a charcoal roasted vegetable salad. Read the rest...

Chadstone Pop-up Shop

October 20 2017

We’ll be the first to say how beautifully secluded and tranquil the Barossa Valley is, but a remote location isn’t always the best way to get your Christmas shopping done when Maggie’s delicious fare is on your wish list. That’s why we couldn't be happier to let you know that we’re popping up in Melbourne - literally! Read the rest...

A New Chapter

October 18 2017

The original Beer family home ground has added another new chapter - The Farm Eatery & Experience Centre; a beautifully crafted collective of eating and hands on experience, sharing the Pheasant Farm location with Maggie's renowned Farm Shop. And the official countdown has begun - they'll be opening their doors on Monday 23rd October and we can't wait to show you the modern, casual eatery with purpose built experience centre! Read the rest...

Maggie on Sunday Night!

October 08 2017

The Seven network’s Sunday Night program has teamed up with publishers Simon & Schuster to produce a story about Maggie and Professor Ralph Martins' new cookbook, 'Maggie's Recipe for Life'. The program covers the back-story of how the idea for this book was conceived, the importance of overcoming Alzheimer’s in Australia, and what they hope the book will achieve. Don't miss the story which will air tonight on Channel 7 at 8pm. Following the program going to air, you'll be able to watch the full episode online here. Read the rest...

New Cookbook On Sale Now!

October 06 2017

Of all the recipe questions Maggie is asked, the one that is requested with extra gusto, is about the recipe most important to her - Maggie’s recipe for life. If you have watched her enthusiasm for life and wondered the same thing, you’ll be just as excited as Maggie is to know that her latest cookbook, co-authored by Professor Ralph Martins, Maggie’s Recipe for Life, is on sale today! Read the rest...


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