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Maggie Beer

Maggie’s favourites

Barossa Blossom

August 12 2016

Almond blossom is always the first to appear in the Barossa at this time of year. You can’t help but love it for its sheer beauty, but also for the promise of Spring it signals. But if I’m completely honest, I have to admit to looking most forward to seeing our Quince Orchard in blossom again - that is a sight to behold! -MB. Read the rest...

Morning Wander

August 10 2016

I love wandering out into the orchard in the early morning to choose fruit for breakfast or into the kitchen garden to pick asparagus or artichokes that will go in to the pot within minutes, such a luxury in these busy times but one the most satisfying ways to add more fresh produce to your diet -MB. Read the rest...

A Wet Winter

August 06 2016

We have had one of the wettest Winters in years here in the Barossa, and it is just wonderful to see the dams and waterways full to overflowing for the first time in a long time -MB. Read the rest...

The Things You Learn!

August 04 2016

Yesterday I had two and a half of the most informative hours with Dan Adams from Miele, to really learn about all the things my ovens can do. I took copious notes and immediately tried things out that evening. It's wonderful when you understand what technology can give you; it was a real revelation! Read the rest...

Barossa Baroque & Beyond

August 02 2016

This year's Barossa, Baroque and Beyond will be held, as always, on the first weekend of October. This is something very dear to my heart; I want everybody to know about it in case you’d like to come along! - MB. Read the rest...