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Maggie on Masterchef!

June 05 2013

Be sure to be watching Maggie on Masterchef! Read the rest...

Gathering in the Warmth

May 22 2013

I love meals that are pulled together really casually and put on the table for everyone to help themselves, and with the chill of Winter, just around the corner, I can think of nothing better than whiling time away in the kitchen for an afternoon spent eating and drinking food that warms the soul! Cold weather foods seem to benefit from a slowing down of the cooking process and there are so many options to ‘spend some time’ with. I'm currently letting my garden decide on dinner for us, so we've had lots of cavalo nero, broccoli and silverbeet on our plates of late. Read the rest...

Making Great Even Better!

April 16 2013

Maggie is so excited to tell you that her Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel Ice Cream is now better than ever, as she explains, "We’ve struggled over the years with the best way to swirl the burnt fig syrup through and make sure the right amount of honeycomb is in each tub; we’ve finally done it! It looks a little different through the windows in the pot, but just wait till you taste it." All that stands between you and the best ice cream that Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel can be, is a spoon! Read the rest...

Good Food & Wine Exclusive Pre Sale VIP Pass for our Food Club!

March 13 2013

Maggie is once again teaming up with The Good Food & Wine Show in 2013 for all amounts of foodie indulgence. The ultimate day out for food fanatics and wine connoisseurs alike - hundreds of the country’s finest food producers, wineries and chefs come together for one delicious weekend in Melbourne and Sydney. Read the rest...

Maggie TV!

December 20 2012 Video

We're so excited to have a series of short videos to share with you all to further explain the delicious versatility of Maggie's range - in her own words. Here's the first for all those Sparkling Ruby Cabernet lovers, as well as those yet to discover Maggie's most popular online product… Read the rest...


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