Maggie Beer

Maggie's Four Rules for Fail-Safe Results:

November 06 2012

In the lead up to the silly season we thought it might be nice to remember the basics. Here are Maggie's tips to help things go as smoothly as possible in your kitchen with an increase in social butterfly-ing! Read the rest...

What's In Season

September 27 2012

At times it can be difficult to know which fruit and vegetables are in season because so many of them are available in store year round. But if we were to imagine we could all just wander out into our own vegetable gardens and orchards here's what we would have to choose from, in season, in Spring... Read the rest...

Our Heritage Of Flavour

July 31 2012

Handpicking from our own Heritage orchard has been a dream of mine from our very first days in the Barossa; the literal fruits of heartfelt labour, picked at their peak of ripeness. Our orchard offers me the chance to share old fashioned flavour beyond our own table, and that is the essence of what I strive for. Read the rest...

Winter Greens

July 25 2012

I find it can be all too easy to forget to eat enough salad greens throughout the colder months, and even more so with smaller people at the table, but Vino Cotto seems to remedy both situations. A favourite in our kitchen is sautéing diced eggplant with onion in a little olive oil and then using the Vino Cotto to deglaze the pan. Or try roasting baby beetroot in olive oil until just tender and splash with Vino Cotto before serving as a beautiful salad on its own, or spruced up with rocket and walnuts. Read the rest...

Tried and True

July 05 2012

It may be our ongoing involvement with The Good Food and Wine Shows this year, or perhaps the chill of winter, that has everyone asking for my sour cream pastry recipe, so I thought I'd mention it here to make it even easier to find. I love this pastry and use it on a weekly basis. It's my default pastry if you like, and works with both sweet and savoury recipes. And I know how many times you hear or read the words 'fail proof' when it comes to cooking, but it really is. It might be the perfect timing for a homemade pie this weekend? Read the rest...


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