Maggie Beer

Growing Change

November 05 2014

Having a vegetable garden within 20 metres of my kitchen door certainly leaves a very soft footprint in an environmental sense. It also allows the opportunity to recycle food scraps to our chooks and worm farm in order to use their manure in our compost. A mini eco system without any need for a car being driven or plastic bags being filled. I love wandering out into the orchard in the early morning to choose fruit for breakfast or into the kitchen garden to pick asparagus or artichokes that will go in to the pot within minutes, such a luxury in these busy times but one the most satisfying ways to add more fresh produce to your diet. Growing your own produce would have to be my best health tip ever, even if that means a tomato plant in a pot, or some herbs in a planter box on an inner city balcony, it will make all the difference to your cooking. And that’s without mentioning the delight of tending to living plants as you grow your harvest. Read the rest...


November 03 2014

It was the luckiest accident of my life that Colin and I settled in the Barossa Valley because it very surely began my passion for seasonal produce, and in turn, the recipe fieldwork and sharing that led me to my total immersion in the world of cooking. I guess the path chose me, in that it was a necessity that turned into serendipity. Read the rest...

Welcome Spring!

October 06 2014

Here at Maggie Beer, we’re more than keen for any excuse to celebrate, but especially so when the warm weather of Spring reawakens our thoughts of spreading a blanket on the grass and picnic-ing our way through an afternoon in the sun! Read the rest...

Maggie Talks about provenance and labelling.

August 22 2014 Video

Maggie Beer Products has been in recent discussion with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) about food labelling and food provenance. The ACCC brought to our attention that the labels on four product lines could mislead consumers into thinking they were made in the Barossa Valley. It has absolutely never been our intention for this to be the case. Read the rest...

A Lovely Garden Introduction to Maggie's Soups

May 22 2014 Video

Check out our latest soup range television commercialsm, now showing on all Lifestyle Food Channels (Foxtel) from May - August 2014. Read the rest...


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