Maggie Beer

A Lovely Garden Introduction to Maggie's Stocks

May 22 2014 Video

Check out our latest stock range television commercial, now showing on all Lifestyle Food Channels (Foxtel). Read the rest...

Island Safari Time

May 21 2014

This August, dine with Maggie and Mark Best (of Marque Restaurant fame) - hosts to this year’s Kangaroo Island Food Safari. The 7 night event kicks off at Southern Ocean Lodge 2-9 August 2014 and is a hands-on, muddy-boots, paddock and vineyard discovery of Kangaroo Island’s best produce and its journey to the plates and glasses at the lauded Southern Ocean Lodge. Read the rest...

Maggie Beer Foundation is go!

April 29 2014

Knowing that a meal cooked with care is one of the very best ways of nurturing wellbeing, the Maggie Beer Foundation was created to provide the pleasure of a good food life for all, regardless of age or health restrictions - and it was launched today at Tasting Australia. Maggie has made it her personal mission to link the latest research of nutrition’s impact on brain health and general wellbeing, with her innate knowledge of what good food can do for everyone’s state of mind; a truly nourishing mix, so much greater than the sum of its parts. For more info be sure to visit the Maggie Beer Foundation website. Read the rest...

Maggie's On Facebook!

April 01 2014

We know, we know, Facebook isn't exactly new, but Maggie jumping into the world of FB is! And it seems she's more surprised than anyone… Read the rest...

How Does She Do It?!

March 12 2014

Here at Maggie's, we're often asked how on earth Maggie manages to do all the amazing things she does, when there's only one of her, after all. We'll be the first to say we've never met a harder worker than Maggie, but she'll be the first to admit it's not a one (wo)man show. Maggie has the incredible ability to not only set herself an extremely high benchmark, but to also inspire that in the team that support her. So, in keeping with Maggie's philosophy, she's asked us to share her most recent take on all things Maggie Beer, in the hope it will answer some of those 'how does she do it' questions! Read the rest...


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