Maggie Beer

Pear Trifle

February 03 2017

I have loved trifle ever since I was a child. Was it being able to eat right down to the bottom of the bowl where I’d find the sherry-soaked cake, or was it the jelly and the fruit? Whatever it was, I have never tired of eating trifle. This version is a bit fancy, I grant, you, but it’s easily within the province of the home cook. It can be a wonderful way to use leftovers too, or sit with equal splendour on the table for a special occasion. -MB Read the rest...

Holiday time

January 29 2017

Holidays are all about relaxing from the moment I walk in the door of our beach house. It’s about having time to go for a walk every morning, reading lots of books, listening to music, swimming, of course, and lovely, simple meals accompanied by beautiful wine. Holidays at the beach should be just that - holidays. -MB Read the rest...

Australian Classics

January 25 2017

Celebrate our national day with a selection of quintessentially Australian recipes. Whether you're hosting a BBQ or heading to the beach, Maggie has your Australia Day menu covered! Read the rest...

Crunchy cucumbers

January 22 2017

Cucumbers are perfectly timed for their regular appearances across Summer, making a great addition to a simple salad, used as an essential part of crudites, or grated into a thick set yoghurt for a more traditionally Greek take on things, but it’s quite a rare occasion when a recipe really makes cucumbers the star of the dish and I’ve often wondered if that’s because the cucumbers that eventually make their way onto our plates via transport and storage aren’t a pinch on what comes out of a home garden. The difference with a homegrown cucumber, besides the unparalleled freshness, is the water content is at its maximum when just picked and that makes for the very best crunch, and flavour - well worth any gardener’s effort to have on hand in the heat of Summer. -MB Read the rest...

Preservative Free Pate

January 19 2017

Anyone can have pate at any time of the year, but it’s the accompaniments that will take it to the next level, and what better thing to have on hand in the fridge for holidays? My pate contains no chemical preservatives, so it needs to be kept refrigerated until the very last moment before serving. It’s even better on an ice bath, as you would for freshly shucked oysters. -MB Read the rest...


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