Maggie Beer

Cheers to the beginning of a New Year!

January 02 2015

The pop of a cork, the clinking of champagne glasses and a joyful chorus of ‘cheers’ should be a natural part of any special meal, but it needn’t rely on alcohol coming to the party, which is why we couldn’t be happier to announce Maggie’s latest addition to her range, Sparkling Chardonnay. Read the rest...

Happy New Year!

January 01 2015

I hope your start to the year has been more of a graceful ease into things rather than the affront to our sensibilities returning from holidays can sometimes be. Read the rest...

Food will be at the peak of its season!

December 30 2014

Shop and be seduced by what looks the freshest, the most vibrant and then find a good recipe to follow if unsure of how to cook it. Read the rest...

Festive meals in Australia!

December 28 2014

I think our festive meals in Australia tend to be based more on the freshness of Summer produce and so I’d imagine we may be ahead in the health stakes without really putting any determined effort into it, but if a general rule could be applied to make the traditional meal healthier, then I’d suggest replacing as much of the sugared, over processed sauces and accompaniments with fresh salads and homemade dressings based on extra virgin olive oil, verjuice, red wine vinegar and vino cotto. Read the rest...

Fresh will always be the best option!

December 26 2014

Fresh will always be the best option for healthy festive cooking… lots of salads and fresh fruit wherever you can work them into the menu, and then poached or grilled meat or fish makes a lighter resulting main course but without compromising the ‘occasion’ in your Christmas or New Year cooking. Read the rest...


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